Interstate 5: The Alternative Energy Highway


Highways are currently dotted with gasoline fueling stations, but the highways of the future might be surrounded by alternative energy fueling stations . The first green highway may not even be that far away from reality, as the governers of Washington, Oregon, and California are mulling over a plan to outfit the Pacific Northwest’s Interstate 5 with a series of alternative fuel stations from the Canadian Border all the way to Mexico.

The governors envision a revamped highway corridor with spots to swap or charge electric vehicle batteries, as well as stations for biodiesel, ethanol, hydrogen, and compressed natural gas refueling. Fueling stations and swap-out docks along the 1,382 mile “BC to Baja Green Highway” would be the first businesses allowed to operate at rest stops, and would not be charged rent until turning a profit. 

Fuel station contracts haven’t yet been signed, but Better Place CEO and electric car cheerleader Shai Agassi has met with Washington governor Chris Gregoire about a potential partnership.

If approved, the green highway project could begin as early as this summer–just in time for the glut of electric cars that will hit the market in the next few years. 

[Via The Seattle Times]AS