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Truth in writing

Some writers have an exceptional ability to use language to convey an idea.  Others are brilliant with metaphor.  Still others excel at dialogue or description.  My strength is truth.  Coming from an acting background where I strived to always live truthfully in front of the camera or on stage, I have an innate ability to sense what is true vs. what is "put on" when it comes to writing.  I was watching James Lipton being interviewed by Dave Chapelle for the 200th episode of the show Inside the Actors Studio.  Throughout the episode, they played back various moments where guests of the show described what they believed acting was.  Harrison Ford’s comments struck an epiphany in me.  He talked about how hard he worked to "live" in front of that camera.  To expose the ugly, weak, frail pieces of a character as well as the strength, optimism and courage that a person exhibits in their life.  It struck me that that desire to live in front of others is the strongest asset that I brought into the world of writing from my previous career.  If you’ve ever read my fiction works (Excalibur Reclaims Her King, Edge! A Leadership Story), or the fiction of those I have coached (Duckey and the Ocean Protectors, China Girl), what you’ll find above all else are moments of very vulnerable truth.  I do not have a huge vocabulary. I do not have a colorful way with language, or description. But I do have a way of bringing the truth of a moment to life.  What are your assets as a writer? I hope you’ll take a moment to share them with me.