Blueprint for Survival

I’ve written about this before, but here I go again.

Entrepreneurship will get us out of the recession. Why? Because jobs are a lagging indicator of the economy, and job losses will continue even after the economy improves. And, more important, because structural changes that have been occurring for over twenty years will be accelerated by this downturn.

For example: in most instances, people no longer have to “go to” work. Work can come to them. This changes the need to hire, and makes contracting by far the most interesting option for employers. As someone said recently, we’re entering the “gig” economy, in which we will all go from project to project rather than from job to job, and the timelines will be telescoped. Even employees will need survival skills.

Many employees aren’t ready for this.  That’s why I developed Blueprint For Survival, a workshop for laid off workers and reluctant entrepreneurs. These aren’t people who are going to go after “it” full-tilt-boogie; they’re people who will have to “consult” to make ends meet, and who don’t even know how to send an invoice.

I’ve given two of them previously, and I charged for them. Now I’m about to make them more widely available through a sponsorship from the Opportunity Through Entrepreneurship Foundation.  The next one will be offered at 9 AM-noon on March 20th, at Gangplank,  co-working space in Chandler. Registration and details are at .

Tell your friends, if you are luck enough to have these skills already 🙂