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I Have Been Sexted

Apparentlysexting (orteens sending each other homemade pornographic images using their phones) hasbecome a viral practice. I would like to share something with you:

I have been sexted.

While I have never sexted, I havegotten the messages before and literally, not known what to do. I was utterly shockedonce, and then another time I burst out laughing. I assume a guy would not respondwell to the laughing.

You are probably gathering nowthat this has happened to me more than once. The most recent occurrence happeneda couple months ago. A guy from a blind date the next morning decided to sendme a picture of himself. Himself himself. And there handn’t been so much as agoodnight kiss before!

Right now, this is an issuereported as coming from teens…mini-Gen-Yers? But I know the practice is takingplace across the ranks. Is sexting similar to the use of anonymity online? Doesit feel safer?

Perhaps. As a teen, I know thatthere are a lot of mixed messages out there, and I know confidence is low. Ateen may turn to sexting as a way to get over the awkward initial stages ofsharing yourself with someone…physically and emotionally.

But why do adults sext? Accordingto Fox News, "A high school teacher in Murfreesboro hasbeen added to the state sex offender registry after pleading guilty to sendingsexual messages to two female students."

Really?Not only is a grown man sexting, but he’s a teacher sexting to his students?You can’t even say, "Don’t stand soclose to me" anymore. You get caught in a scandal (or create one yourself)phone to phone.

Thereare already enough arguments out there saying that people (young ones) put toomuch of themselves out there on the internet. Throw in sexting, and apparentlywe have no self-respect.

What areyour thoughts on sexting? Do you think it shows a lack of self-respect?


The views expressed in my blogare my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

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