Alex Bogusky is Doing Buell Wheelies


Regardless of whatever Alex Bogusky says about “relinquishing the creative reigns” at Crispin Porter + Bogusky now that he’s chairman, you can bet the Evil Knievel-obsessed Bogusky will be micromanaging Crispin’s newest client: Buell Motorcycle Company.  The Brew City-based subsidiary of Harley-Davidson just announced it ditched it’s agency of 14 years, Laughlin Constable, in favor of the Boulder-Miami shop.

“We view CP+B as a next-level resource we can use to rev up our efforts
to build awareness of Buell as the only American sport bike brand,” said Mark-Hans Richer, Harley-Davidson’s CMO, of the agency that continues to defy the slumping industry. This most likely means when Bogusky’s not literally doing wheelies in the agency (yes, his numerous motocross bikes are housed in Crispin’s “extreme garage”), you can bet he’ll be indulging in his other fetish: convincing Richer that he should be the one designing the next Buell motorcycle.

My prediction is that as the economy continues to sink Crispin will only continue to reel in business. The days of conservative, timid advertising are over. Marketers like Harley are so desperate right now–faced with frugal consumers and atrophied budgets–they are finally starting to recognize that the only campaigns worth doing are the radical ones. A few years ago Crispin was viewed as the risky agency choice; these days their bold, polarizing ways probably make them the safest bet for brands. 


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