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By all accounts, mobile learning, termed "m-learning", is on fire as a new method of accessing learning.

I see three trends fueling this new interest in m-learning:

  1. More companies will explore mobile learning as an increasing number of tech-savvy Millennials enter the workforce and insist on the speed and mobility of m-learning. The Millennial generation, or those born after 1981, currently represents 22 percent of all workers. However, by the year 2014 they are expected to represent almost 47 percent of the workforce.
  2. More content will be available via mobile learning. 

  3. As more mobile devices go mainstream, such as Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader, consumers will become accustomed to reading content on a mobile device. Over the last year, sales of Amazon’s Kindle have reached more than a quarter million units.

What do you think? Are you exploring Mobile Learning?

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