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The Getty's Made for Manufacture Exhibition

Long before Andy Warhol and his soup cans or Damien Hirst and his one-man auction show, art and commerce were intimate bedfellows. This Getty show reminds us just how long, with 23 drawings done by Renaissance and Baroque artists to prep for stained glass, sculpture, jewelry, and tapestries commissioned by wealthy patrons. The mock-ups, like Jean-Louis Prieur's 1775 Drawing for a Wall Light — displayed with the finished product — are remarkably detailed. That was intentional. The artists could then turn production over to their underlings, and it helped avoid wasting pricey materials on manufacturing errors. Occasionally, something was lost in translation. "The drawings," associate curator Stephanie Schrader says, "are often the closest thing to the artist's actual vision." — KR

Tue, March 31
The Getty's Made for Manufacture exhibition
Los Angeles

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