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World Water Day

World Water Day

It's been 4,500 years since the Mesopotamian cities of Lagash and Umma battled over irrigation rights. That was the world's first — and so far only — full-fledged water war. But UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon warned last year that water shortages were creating "tensions in conflict-prone regions" across Africa and Asia. With up to 3 billion people due to face severe water shortages by 2025 (thanks to the dastardly triumvirate of pollution, mismanagement, and rising population), the disputes could boil over. So the UN will do what it does best: try to cool the quarrels ... with a special and widely disregarded theme day. This year's water day focuses on nurturing cooperation among countries that tap lakes, rivers, and aquifers — which would be pretty much all of us. Let's hope the message sinks in. — TB

Sun, March 22
World Water Day

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