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     Remember the "good old days" before the current recession?   The "good old days" when operations were short handed all the time?  When the replacements HR could find were not a "fit", but supervisors and managers kept them anyway because a body that functioned at 50% was better than no body at all?  I previously related how a supervisor told me HR was so slow at finding replacement employees he would not terminate an employee who only showed up for work 3 days a week because it was better to have half an employee than none at all! Yeah, those were the "good old days" alright - filled with frustration, anger and resignation about being short handed and having to keep The Others.  But all that can change now because the Recession is giving every Company the opportunity to improve the Hiring Process.  Here are a few tips to do exactly that: 

1.      Keep getting rid of The Others & the Prima Donnas!  Continue to evaluate all Employees at every level of the organization.  Don’t be deceived by The Others pretending to be Core Employees and when a Prima Donna starts to warble it’s time for them to go.  This ongoing Employee pruning process will provide openings for replacement Core employees now. 2.      Start interviewing potential Core employees NOW!  How many Core Employees in your industry are available now?  A lot!  Start interviewing those Core Employees now and when business improves you can make those Core Employees your Core Employees.    3.      Involve your Core Employees in the hiring process!  One of the best ways to hire Core Employees is to involve your Core Employees in the hiring process.  Who better to give input on a potential new hire than the people who have to work with them?  Does this require training your Core Employees to be involved in the hiring process?  Yes!  Do that training now. 4.      Develop the Ideal Employee Profile!  Simplify the hiring decision making process by developing an Ideal Employee Profile to match potential Employees against.  Another opportunity to involve your Core Employees since they provide the basis for the elements of the Ideal Employee Profile  5.      Use Personality Assessments in the hiring process for all Employees!  The cost of hiring the wrong person is too great to continue to hire people who are not a fit for the company’s culture.  Use a personality assessment (Meyers - Briggs is the one I recommend) to make sure every hire at every level of the organization is a cultural fit.  Is such an approach cost effective?  When compared to the havoc caused by hiring the wrong Employee absolutely! 6.      Develop an Effective Orientation Program! Let new Employees know who you are and what your Company is about by doing more than explaining the benefit plans and the rules.  New Employees need to know about expectations,  the Company’s history, who the leaders are, who the customers are, what the Company’s vision is and how they can help achieve that vision.  7.      Eliminate the Trial Period & Develop an Onboarding Process!  Onboarding means checking in with a new Employee periodically (other than with a performance review) to see how they are acclimating to the company’s culture. I recommend a 12 months Onboarding Program to encourage open dialogue and generate loyalty.  Everyone is always surprised at what new Employees have to say if they are asked.    

The Bottom Line: The Recession Mantra of "Doing more with less, but doing it better!" is not going to go away when the Recession ends.  By improving the Hiring Process now, Companies will be able to live by that Mantra by hiring fewer replacement Employees because those Employees will be High Performance Core Employees. A Company that fails to take this opportunity to revise its hiring process is hoping that once the Recession ends things will go back to the "good old days."  No way – No how.  And that’s a good thing.


Is your Company taking advantage of the Recession by improving the hiring process?  What other improvements to the hiring process would you recommend?

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