Tiny Houses that Feel Huge

The topic of shrinking consumer values and shrinking home sizes has been well documented. Designers have been playing out the theme for some time too, proving that a (relatively) tiny house can be bold, dramatic, and, through tricks of perspective and relative sizing, incredibly spacious. We’re not talking about insanely tiny houses, but rather small, humbly sized places that feel truly luxurious. Here’s a selection of interesting recent projects:

House O by Sou Fujimoto is a series of connected rooms that drink in the stunning views; inside, each of the rooms is linked, leading to long viewing angles that take in the entire house and make it feel larger: 




The Laneway House by Kohn Shnier is just 1,300 square feet. But notice the big tricks of perspective: A narrow stairwell opens up onto a wide-open living room, making the space feel larger when you first see it. Moreover, the kitchen is set catty cornered to the living room, creating long, diagonal sightlines:




This apartment by Hiroyuki Tanaka Architects is less than 1,100 square feet, but again, the trick is to keep that square footage continuous to create spaciousness. An office and a bedroom are open to the main spaces along corridors so that all of the spaces flow together; emphasized by the wooden paneling and flooring, which also makes the space feel warmer: