“The home-building market is on life support,” says Mike Lucki, head of
Ernst & Young’s global-infrastructure services, reaffirming what we
already know. Yet the 30,000 attendees at this four-day event — the
real-estate industry’s premier worldwide gathering — are likely to be
upbeat. For one thing, they’ll be in Cannes, so what’s to complain about?
Also, starchitects Zaha Hadid and Wolf Prix will supply further
distraction, sharing their big thinking on design, urban planning, and
the future of architecture. And just in time for 2009, forecast to have
the lowest hotel-occupancy rates since 1971, there’s a session on
“Hotels Go Sexy: Fashion Industry Meets Hotel Industry.” Which is
perfect, because hotels not being sexy is the main reason people are
staying home. Anne C. Lee

Tue, March 10

Buy Houses
Cannes, France

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