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With governments around the world shoveling money out of pubic treasuries in the hopes of stimulating their economies, how about summoning a modicum of creativity to build better mousetraps that consumers might actually want to buy? I mean even at 10% unemployment, that means 90% of the population still has a job and is buying stuff. If we can come up with a few good ideas, we can put people to work making things and, hopefully, sell a few more widgets at home and abroad.


Take two examples that I’ve certainly been buying lately. American Airlines has a deal with a company called GoGo Internet to have high-speed wireless internet on cross-country flights. I get emails done and surf the web, even downloading movies that are better than the ones on the flight, all for about $12 for a 6 hour plane ride.


Then there’s the new Google Earth oceans features. One will allow you to see all of the trash out in the Pacific Ocean, amongst other places, and when you aggregate it, it appears as a continent between North America and China, growing larger by the day. I’m not sure what the commercial value of this feature may be, but it is sure is a brilliant idea for showing a massive problem, caused by the masses, to a mass market.


There’s an old saying that we had wheels and luggage for centuries, but only in the last few years put the two together. Ideas can make money faster than complicated government handouts. Now if I could just download better food on that next flight - - I might even take more trips!