• 03.02.09

Blackberry Shoots Apple: The Fake Ad That RIM Should Air [video]


Blackberry just launched its first blatant advertising attack on Apple. Sort of. Turns out this stunning, simple, smart “Blackberry Kills Apple” spot circulating online isn’t from RIM’s ad agency, but actually a spec from New York-based visual effects house, Guava. Even though, disappointingly, it’s not really the last development in the ad spars with the iMasters, it will hopefully inspire Blackberry’s real agency to step up its next campaign.

However, watching the breathtaking spot immediately reminded me of last year’s “Kill the Gun” public service announcement I screened at the Association of Independent Commercial Producers MOMA Show (AICP).

While turning a bullet into a blackberry (fruit) was brilliant, it’s still a rip-off. I can only imagine the YouTube spoofs to come.

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