Obama and Romney – Seeing Their Words

Obama is arguably the most visible change leader on the planet with the biggest agenda. However, the Republicans in the US are also looking for change as they work to rebuild their party after experiencing the 2008 defeat.

Today, at CPAC 2009 (the Conservative Political Action Conference), the straw poll from participants was released to reveal (1) 95% disapprove of the job Obama is doing as president, and (2) Mitt Romney is selected as the front runner for the next Republican nominee for president with 20% of the vote. Jindal came in 2nd at 14% with Ron Paul and Sarah Palin just behind at 13% each.

So, we have two change leaders, each with formidable tasks. Obama is working to stabilize the US economy, overhaul healthcare, energy, and education, and then, reduce the national debt.  Romney’s charge is less ambitious, but perhaps equally daunting: make the conservative agenda relevant and revitalize the Republican party as a viable choice for leadership in a country still angry at the last administration for its failure.

Here’s an interesting, sideways way to look at these two men and their vision, through visual depictions of their most recent speeches: Obama’s recent address to the Joint Session of Congress, and Romney’s remarks at CPAC. In these word clouds, the larger a word, the more often it was repeated in the text of the speech.

We can see Obama’s #1 word is American. Romney’s is America. Obama also most often repeats, time, care, energy, education, budget, new, now, know, plan, economy, people, American, health.  Romney has at the top of his list, president, conservatives, world, free, know, country, government. Although the emphasis and context are stripped, you get a good idea the points of repeated emphasis in the pictures they are painting with their words.

Seth Kahan,

Obama Romney Speech Clouds