Portland, Oregon Giving “Feebates” to Green Builders


Portland, Oregon officials think they can entice green builders with a new “feebate” program.

Under the proposal, developers of commercial buildings that measure 20,000 square feet or larger will be charged up to $3.46 per square foot–but the fee will be waived entirely for LEED Silver buildings. And for buildings that achieve LEED Gold or LEED Platinum status, rebates of $1.73 to $17.30 per square foot will be awarded. Multifamily residential units that are 5,000 square feet or larger will be given similar feebate opportunities.

The city’s plan, however, hinges on the idea that there will be enough non-LEED buildings to pay for the LEED buildings’ feebates. Officials will “adjust the feebate structure as necessary”, but the program probably won’t work too well if it can’t pay for itself. 

Incidentally, Oregon may soon be home to the greenest building in the world–Independence Station.

[Via Sustainable Business]AS