Fore! Bronx Water Treatment Plant Doubles as a Driving Range


Usually, architects have problems choosing what to build on a given site: a building or tennis court? But when tasked with building a water treatment plant in the Bronx on what used to be a driving range, Grimshaw skirted this dilemma altogether. Instead of plowing away the driving range, they’re going to put it on the facility’s roof.

Set to be completed by 2012 at a budget of $95 million, the building will have the country’s largest continuous green roof–all nine acres of it. And the treatment plant, which will clean water from the Croton Reservoir, will have one other function as well: it’s a high-security compound to protect the water being treated. As the Architect’s newspaper quips, it’ll be “Pebble Beach meets Biosphere meets Rikers.”

The course itself will be as green as a golf course can be. Irrigated water will come from rainwater collected by troughs around the curvy hillocks you see to the left, and from the reservoir. For further filtering, it will flow into mini ecosystems, based on marshes, which naturally clean water. After eight to ten days, it’s ready for the range.

New Yorker’s are already familiar with some of Grimshaw’s work, the firm designed the shiny new bus stops that are popping up around the city.

[Via Architect’s Newspaper]

Renderings by Grimshaw ArchitectsCK