Will San Francisco Lead the U.S. in Wave Power?


Only one week after unveiling three plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) charging stations in San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the submission of a permit application to bring renewable ocean energy off the city’s coast.

The proposal was submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission along with a recent San Francisco wave power viability study completed with the help of the Sidney Frank Foundation. In a post at, Mayor Newsom points out that over 50 types of wave devices are currently in development, including the Pelamis, Wave Dragon, Aquabuoy, and Oceanlinx

And while 75 Pelamis units will go online in Portugal later this year, there haven’t been any plans to set up commercial wave power operations in the U.S.–until now. 

Pelamis is looking at projects in Norway, Spain, France, and South Africa, but San Francisco might just lead the United States in its very own wave power revolution.

[Via Cleantechnica]AS