Toyota Prius is Still Consumer Reports’ Top Green Car



The market is flooded with gas/electric hybrid vehicles–the Ford Escape, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet Silverado–but the good ol’ Toyota Prius still takes the top spot, according to the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Issue.

This is the sixth straight win for the Prius in the magazine’s Best Green Car category, despite plentiful competition from car companies trying to salvage their brands. Consumer Reports claims that the Prius base model’s 44 MPG is the best they’ve measured in any five-passenger car, and the car’s reliability and comfort level is above par.

But just because the Prius can claim legacy in the Consumer Reports competition doesn’t mean it has a guaranteed win next year. The Nissan Cube, Chevrolet Volt , and Honda Insight are all poised to muscle in on the Prius’ spot.

Consumer Reports has a full video review of the Prius here.

[Via Consumer Reports]

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