Loews: “Adopt-a-Farmer,” Eat Local


Local food feels good and tastes good, which is why U.S.-Based Loews Hotels announced last week a brand-wide mandate for its hotels to support local farming communities.

Loews hotels in San Diego, CA, Tuscon, AZ, Miami, FL, and more have begun sourcing their food from local brands. Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tuscon, for example, uses food from local Native American farmers, including wild amarinth, native squash, and saguaro fruit. And Loews Miami Beach Hotel has turned to a Florida farm for all of its fruit and vegetable needs.

As seasons change, so will the food throughout Loews hotels.

Does it make sense for an industry that thrives on unsustainable travel to embrace local food? Yes–the faster we switch over to local goods in every arena, the better prepared we will be for a low-carbon world–whether or not that world includes extensive travel.

[Via PRWebAS