The Four Dimensions of Sustainability

Reducing impact on climate change is a challenge many
corporations are trying to tackle. Many organizations are up for the
challenge but many are unsure of where to begin among the myriad of
activities on the table.

Due to these
challenges, I’ve developed a white paper which I hope will provide more
insight on how to navigate these challenges. The Four Dimensions of Sustainability
evolved from my trying to put BT’s and other company’s many
sustainability activities into a logical set of categories for a
presentation I had to give.

I wanted to
categorize these companies in a way that would be comparable across
sectors and be applicable to companies at any stage in their CSR
evolution. I wanted a framework that would encompass everything from
lobbying on CAFÉ standards and green advertising through employee
engagement to sustainable product strategies. . I presented it a number
of times and received a very positive response so I was encouraged to
put it together as a white paper.

resulting framework that I developed can be used to address social and
economic sustainability although I have used environmental examples to
illustrate the framework in this first version of the paper. I plan to
put together a future version of the paper focusing on social and
economic examples. I hope this framework will go some way to helping
companies understand the full breadth of areas they need to consider
when developing a sustainability strategy and also provides a common
lens through which outside observers can judge a companies credentials.

I am opening the white paper up for direct comments and suggestion – good or bad. The paper has been posted on a wiki so that you can suggest amendments and additions and collaborate in whatever comes next.

To download a PDF of the white paper, click here.