Fair Trade Condoms, Recyclable Toys for Ethical Sex

French Letter Condoms

Plenty of us worry about the environmental impact of our dish soap and morning coffee, so why shouldn’t that concern extend to the bedroom? A few sex-minded companies, at least, think it should.

A European company called French Letter Condoms has revolted against synthetic latex made in developing countries with poor work conditions, and instead uses “Fair Trade” latex from organic farms in India and Sri Lanka. Each packet of condoms sold also contributes to improved wages and healthcare standards for latex workers. And just because the condoms are guilt-free doesn’t mean they aren’t fun–French Letter condoms should appeal to even the most discerning customers, with scented, studded, and silky versions available.

Sex toys get the green treatment with Dreamscapes, a Florida-based company that launched a sex toy recycling program late last year. Customers can mail in cleaned toys from any manufacturer, and Dreamscapes will make sure that they get reused and turned into new products. In case the satisfaction of knowing your sex toys are getting a second life isn’t enough, Dreamscapes also offers a $10 gift card to its retail sites in exchange for your recycled rubber and silicone. 

For now, French Letter Condoms and Dreamscapes occupy a niche market, but as companies across all sectors become more aware of their environmental impact, green condoms and sex toys won’t even be worthy of a blog post. 

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