Philips Unveils First Mainstream LED Light


When a major player like Philips Electronics invests heavily in something, you know it has hit the big time. The world’s number one lightbulb maker launched its first mainstream LED product last week–a down bulb for recessed lighting called the Calculite.

Philips claims that the Calculite is 80% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and 40% more efficient than compact fluorescents. The bulb’s 5-year warranty supposedly ensures that the light will last for 50,000 hours.  Philips refuses to say how much each bulb costs to produce, but the Calculite will be cheap enough for installations in offices, hotels, and colleges–all locations where lighting is required for up 12 hours a day and payback is quick.

Homeowners itching to get their hands on the Calculite might want to wait, as Philips plans on releasing a consumer LED light that is 30 to 40% cheaper by early next year.

Philips also hinted this week at its future lighting ambitions with the purchase of Italian LED producer Ilti Luce. 

[Via Cleantech Group]AS