Independence Station: The World’s Greenest Building?


The world’s greenest building might soon be located in the pioneer town of Independence, Oregon. Independence Station–a 57,000 square foot mixed use facility–is on track to receive the highest LEED rating ever awarded when it is completed in 2010. 

The structure, being built by Aldeia Development, will feature offices, a restaurant, shops, research facilities, residential units, and even classrooms.

Independence Station’s mixed-use status, however, isn’t enough to garner a high LEED rating. The building will earn its title thanks to a 120 kilowatt solar installation, radiant floor heating and cooling, a 40-foot indoor vertical garden, and a rainwater catchment system. Oh, and a retired tug-boat engine named Mabel that runs on waste vegetable oil from local restaurants.

The building’s one and two bedroom condos will be moderately affordable, with prices ranging from $300,000 to $600,000. And with only 15 units available, the homes are likely to be snatched up quickly.

Victoria’s Dockside Green Community in British Columbia, Canada currently holds the LEED sustainability record, with a score of 63 out of a possible 69 points. When Independence Station is completed, it is expected to have a rating of 64 to 66 points. But expected ratings don’t always pan out, so we should wait until Independence Station is finished and has been analyzed by the U.S. Green Building Council before proclaiming that it has earned the title of Greenest Building in the World. 

[Via Independence Station]