Can I Have A Free MacBook to Go With That The Fray Performance?


Tuesday, February 3, 2009, was one of those really cold, icy rain New York Nights. The streets of Soho were dark, gloomy, and practically empty. But over on Prince St. there was a glimmer of light and a flurry of activity. There was even a crowd, a line even, waiting to get up the stairs. But all the people there weren’t going to the genius bar, they were there for something else.

It was the day of the sophomore release from The Fray on iTunes, but it was also a day that fans were invited to the Apple Soho store for a sampling of free songs from the band’s older and newer offerings.

Lead singer Isaac Slade, bantered the crowd:

“You got a good city here. It’s cold, and we walked around the park. It was a Meg Ryan kind of day. I love the city. And I love Meg Ryan. I really wish this could be one of those inspiration women’s talk shows where everybody could get a laptop. Is that possible? No, you can and iPhod brochure, thanks for coming.”

It didn’t matter to the crowd whether Slade was joking or not. They hadn’t come out for MacBooks that night, they came out to be a part of a live recording–and to see their band.

Set list:
Over My Head
Never Say Never
How to Save a Life
Enough For Now
You Found Me