Job Fields That Could Benefit from the Stimulus Plan

The U.S. stimulus plan means good news for six broad categories of jobs.

The newly enacted stimulus plan — formally known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — has been all the talk in the last week. But the sheer size of the effort ($787 billion) has made it a little overwhelming to figure out how exactly workers may benefit.


More than a week after the bill was signed, the actual employment benefits are still unclear, and probably will be for a while.

The Likely Winners

A new article on Yahoo! HotJobs, “6 Fields That Stand to Gain from the Stimulus Plan,” sheds some light on what we might be able to expect. Broadly speaking, these six fields will likely see job creation: construction, the “green” sector (devoted to reducing dependence on oil), medical information technology, education, energy and utilities, and the federal government.

To delve into further job-creation details, check out the report “Job Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” from the Council of Economic Advisers.

All this could mean good news for surveyors, construction workers and managers, medical transcriptionists, conservationists, electrical and mechanical engineers, accountants, civil drafters, and software developers, among others.

Better yet, some of the jobs listed above do not require college degrees; an associate degree or certification could be your ticket.


What Next?

If the news has you thinking about a possible career change, you’re not alone. Hunger for such a change usually rises during a recession. But do some homework and reflection first, as recommended in the article, “Will a Career Change Work for You?

Ultimately the stimulus plan is a gamble, but many experts believe it’s the right one.  With the administration’s emphasis on transparency, I would love to see a “thermometer” tracking actual job creation from this plan. Maybe — or a very clever blogger or media outlet — already has this in the works?  

Hmm. I might have just given a good idea to producers of Anderson Cooper’s CNN show, since he likes to “keep ’em honest.” Go for it!