There’s No Cleaner Ride Than a GM Bus

Fuel Use of Various Modes of Transportation
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This infographic visualizes the gallons of fuel it takes to travel 350 miles by various means. Surprisingly, in terms of energy efficiency as well as time, a full motor coach is by far the best option, second only to bicycling. It even beats walking! The comparative advantage of the humble bus improves even more when high-speed bus lanes are put into place, and hybrid buses have been adopted in dozens of municipal and inter-city transit systems. Good thing the stimulus package included an extra $440 annually per person in mass-transit commuter tax benefits.

General Motors should display this graphic in place of its logo. It’s not widely known, but in partnership with Allison Transmission, the Detroit company is currently the leading manufacturer in the U.S. of hybrid buses, with models currently operating in more than 70 cities in the U.S., Canada and Europe. 

Via The Big Picture via Flowing Data AK