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Admit it, as part of the over-achieving, multi-taskinggeneration, you have some semblance of a life plan. You may not have fleshedout the details or timelines, but you probably have an idea of some of thebiggies you’d like to get accomplished (marriage, home ownership, pet, MBA,etc.).

So with the economy changing, you might have to change, too.I’d like to express this to you in the form of three weddings.

Wedding #1: A close friend of mine (younger) is gettingmarried this spring to the love of her life. They’re having a prettytraditional wedding with 80% of the bells and whistles. Even with the economy,they’re going forward with everything as planned. She just got a promotion atwork, so she’s financially secure, in addition to her fiancé.

Wedding #2: Another close friend (same age) is gettingmarried in the summer, and she’s a smart cookie. Even before the economystarted its nosedive, she wanted to just have something small and fun. She’seven bending over backwards to help out-of-town guests save money by sharinghotel rooms or carpooling from the airport. Her and her fiancé are going tospend the next few years in grad school, so they’re already thinking aboutbudgeting and living within their means.

Wedding #3: Due to the economy and some personal circumstances,this friend (same age) did an elopement, and still only a handful of people know.Her June date now is a reception and college girlfriend reunion. She and herhusband work for the same company in the banking industry, and luckily, bothare still employed. But that could change tomorrow. They decided to forego acostly wedding for friends and family to be more secure in their futuretogether.

As you see, there’s a progression here of how the economycan affect something as common as getting married. Life goes on, even in hardtimes.

Have you had to change any life decisions due to theeconomy?


The views expressed in my blogare my own and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Graphic courtesy of Clipart