Android Meetup With Jamie Wells, Omnicom Media and Bradley Horowitz, VP Products, Google [video]

This month’s New York Android Meetup, held at the Fast Company office, and hosted in conjunction with Medialets, featured guest speaker Jamie Wells, lead mobile director for Omnicom Media Digital. Along with the usual 30 or so developer attendees, the month special guest, Bradley Horowitz, VP Products, Google also showed up.


(l to r: Rana Sobhany, VP, Marketing, Medialets; Jamie Wells; Lynne d Johnson, Senior Editor and Community Director, Fast Company; Irene Au, Director, User Exeperience, Google; and Bradley Horowitz.)

A highlight of Wells’s talk was that developers–of either apps for iPhone or Android–build with advertising in mind. “Think about where ads might live,” he said.

And while Horowitz’s team doesn’t deal with Android directly, he talked about their work on Latitude, as well as offline Gmail in mobile devices. “We’re being aggressive about getting data wherever people want it to be,” he said.

Below is a video recap of the event: