How to Upgrade Your Customers’ Loyalty – 7 Steps

Customer loyalty should not be just a program, it should be part of the DNA of your business to earn as reward. There continues to be a gap between the percentage of people who say they are satisfied with a company and those who consider themselves loyal to it.

How do you upgrade your customer loyalty?

  1. Make it personal – it is. Especially with Web tools, today it is easier than ever to personalize and customize an experience.
  2. Make it valuable – work on understanding what your customers value and build on that personalization.
  3. Make it special – all that data you collect, can help you identify who values what and then deliver it to them.
  4. Make it easy – why ask your customers to jump through hoops to get what they supposedly already earned?
  5. Make it fun – you do want your customers to talk tot heir friends, family and colleagues about your brand.
  6. Make it relevant – don’t give away what nobody wants, quite the opposite, in fact. The more it matters, the more will continue to buy from you.
  7. Make it open – as in an open invitation to shape the conversation together. What better way to incorporate feedback into your company DNA?

Don’t underestimate the value of trying different things to see what works. In a world where peer to peer recommendation often weigh more than your company Web site and marketing programs, a smart conversation with your customers begins with an upgrade on the rewards for being loyal.

It goes without saying that being courteous, prompt and effective in your customer interactions is an asset every step of the way.

Valeria Maltoni | Conversation Agent