Honda’s Corporate Documentaries: Smashing The Law of First Knowledge

For some reason, we’re born to think that whatever we learn first about something continues to stay true.


“According to the first law of knowledge, people continue to believe whatever they learned first, regardless of later evidence against it.” (Tom Snyder/Kevin Kearns:  “Escaping the Price-Driven Sale”)

Here’s a perfect example.

Someone says to you, “Want to watch a corporate video?”

C’mon. Admit it.

You’re rolling your eyes and thinking: “Are you kidding? They’re boring!”

That’s the law of first knowledge in action.

Your first response to seeing a corporate video was probably something like: “They must all be boring.”

Remember, the law of first knowledge says: “All of us have a tendency to see only the things that confirm what we already believe.” (Tom Snyder/Kevin Kearns)

Now along comes Honda.

What do they do?

They produce a dramatic, engaging new documentary series called “Dream the Impossible.”

So here’s the question:

What would you believe about corporate videos if Honda’s “Dream the Impossible” was the first video you saw?

Veteran filmmaker Thomas Clifford helps Fortune 100’s to non-profits who are stuck, frustrated, losing employees or market share because they can’t breathe life into their brand story. He believes remarkable organizations deserve remarkable films. Tom produces films with passion and purpose at Moving Pictures, a firm connecting companies and audiences through compelling visual communications.