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In these days of severe decline in economic activity when the very foundation of our economic system seems to be imploding, how can I say the future looks promising?

It is true that we are experiencing some real changes to our economy where the very building blocks of our society, our financial systems, and our business model no longer produce the results to sustain and grow our country. It is true that we are experiencing massive numbers of people out of work and companies that were thought to be the bedrock of society, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, GM, Chrysler, and the like are gone or on the way out.

So how can I say the future looks promising? Because I know life does not stop in this moment of change, chaos, and uncertainty.  That our society, like indiviudal business are living entities.

For example the massive number of people unemployed. While it is awful for those of us that are effected, what is occuring is the release of a tremenodous amount of energy into the available pool. 

And looking at our society as The Living Organization™, this represnets an unbelievable amount of potential energy, which we know will not lay dormant for long. It will again begin to flow but in wonderfully creative ways making new contributions to society.

I cannot say what will be created only that this huge source of energy, in the form of the talents, and passions of all the people who are being let go, will soon turn to creating something. That is the nature of energy and living beings.

For those of us who are old enough to remember the major downsizing of the 1980s, we also remember the major growth in innovation of the 1990s.

Yes, this is a horribly painful period for many of us who are in this transition period. There is great uncertainty and change. And there is hope.  There is hope becasue of the very fact that we are going through this period. Out of the chaos, confusion and uncertainty will emerge creativity and innovation in proportion to the magnitude of the release of energy. 

This view of the future looks very promising indeed.

Norman Wolfe | President/CEO | Quantum Leaders, Inc