Who Buys This Stuff? Inside with Some Design Collectors

A couple years ago, the superstar designer Marc Newson set the auction record for a piece of design created by a living designer: $1.5 million for his Lockheed Lounge.

Who on earth buys these things? Last year, the BBC did a documentary on Newson, which had interviews with some of his collectors. Someone has just done everyone a great service and posted the thing on YouTube. Part Two is embedded above.

Apparently, one owner of a Lockheed lounge is Peter Brant (husband of Stephanie Seymour), who admits that the lounge is best thought of as a nice place to throw a coat. Another insists that Marc Newson’s designs scream sex, which makes us think he probably needs to get out more. It would be interesting to follow-up with these collectors–as the art market bubble has burst, some suggest that the design-art market, which was just emerging, was an ephemeral fad. Post-recession, designers may have to get back to the real work of designing for mass production.

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