Log Into Fast Company With Facebook Connect

Not a member of Fast Company, but want to connect and share with other members on the site without setting up yet another social profile? Well, we’ve got a solution, and it’s called Facebook Connect. We’ve hooked it up so that you can log in to this site with your Facebook account.

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To log into Fast Company using your Facebook account, click on the “Sign in Using Facebook” button at the top right of any page, or click on any comment or story link and then click on the “Connect with Facebook” button and log in with your Facebook username and password. We’ll bring over your Facebook profile picture and profile name, and you’ll be able to comment on any article–and you’ll have a profile on Fast Company now too. With that profile you’ll be able to not only comment, but you can also join Groups related to your business interests.

To learn more about the site and how it functions, read our FAQ, and be sure to check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as well so that you understand both your rights and responsibilities as a user of the site. With that all said, welcome to Fast Company.LDJ