Fast Company’s New Look

Does this site look any different to you? Yes, it does. And if you’re new here, welcome to Fast Company.

To help you navigate the increasing number of articles being published here each day, the site has been reorganized and, I hope, become easier to read.

There are now five sections that feature daily news feeds: Technology, Design, Ethonomics, Magazine, and Leadership. (If you’re wondering what Ethonomics is all about, you can find out here.) The best material from each of these categories will appear on the front page, but you can also bookmark and browse the daily updates in each section, either on the site or using an RSS reader.

The second major change is that you can now log into the site using Facebook Connect. If you want to comment on an article, just log into the site using your Facebook username and password. This will also create an account for you here on Fast Company that can be used to join groups, Company of Friends, and take part in our forums.

You’ll also notice that we’ve created an inbox for your news tips, story suggestions, leaks, cranks and thanks. E-mail the writers and editors of the site at ideas(at)

Leave a comment here and let us know what you think of the new look, and have fun exploring.