Behind the Curtains, at a Natural History Museum


There’s a fascinating new story in SEED, the science magazine, about what it’s like behind the scenes at the cavernous, awe-inspiring, and sometimes creepily quiet American Museum of Natural History. As science journalist Carl Zimmer writes:

It was the first of many journeys I’ve since taken to the other side of museums. Scientists love to show off their collections by pulling drawers open at random, the way Kellner did–exposing me to an army of flies from Peru neatly pinned to slips of paper, or a flock of lyrebirds lying on their backs as if dozing in a collective nap. I’ve gawked at fossil whale feet and jars of tapeworms, at leeches and Mesozoic ferns.

But definitely don’t take Zimmer’s word for it: SEED has also posted an amazing photo essay by Justine Cooper, complete with narration. Best story of the week!

[Image by Justine Cooper]CK