It’s Electric! San Francisco Testing Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations

This morning at 10 A.M., San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom proclaimed his commitment to a sustainable future for transportation.

Newsom announced the installation of three plug-in hybrid electric vehicle(PHEV) charging stations in the city.

Electric Cars

Coulomb Technologies’ Smartlet stations are on loan to San Francisco for the next two years. PHEVs operated by the city will have first dibs on the Smartlet stations, but consumers will also get a chance to test out plug-in hybrids — car-sharing companies ZipCar and City CarShare will use two of the stations for their fleets.

Newsom used the Gas 2.0 blog to write about his intentions this morning to roll out charging stations across the Bay Area. “Our city fleet manager is discussing the purchase of plug-in vehicles with other Bay Area cities and we are in talks with major auto companies about getting our hands on the limited first wave of EVs to integrate into our fleet,” Newsom said.

The city already has a few, symbolic, offered by Better Place, which hopes to begin construction on a California network by 2010. But while Coulomb and Better Place may be gunning for the top spot, their shared goal to populate California with as many charging stations as possible can only help the US move towards the widespread adoption of PHEVs.

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