03_Donn Davis


Donn Davis, 42

Exclusive Resorts LLC
Denver, Colorado

Donn Davis isn’t going to call your house during dinner and try to get you to come to a “no pressure” meeting in an airport hotel ballroom. Six to eight weeks’ vacation in an array of multimillion-dollar homes in worldwide glam spots, complete with high-end hotel services, gets a softer sell. “Our members can experience the world without worrying if it’ll be okay,” he says. “That kind of certainty doesn’t have a price.” Well, actually, it does: $375,000 to join and annual dues of up to $25,000. When Davis came in as CEO of Exclusive Resorts in the middle of 2004, he took over an interesting idea and a few properties. He has since won more than 1,000 customers and built 150 homes. With more than $300 million in 2004 sales and real-estate assets topping $600 million, Davis could probably use a vacation. But none’s coming: He’s planning to build another 150 homes this year.