35. Really Keeps Going and Going…

Battery life is the forgotten aunt in the attic of our modern age. “The battery is one technology that has not followed Moore’s Law,” says Stephan Godevais, whose company, Valence Technology, has modified lithium-ion technology — typically found in electronics such as laptops — for use in transportation. While everyone waits for fuel cells to provide long-lasting batteries, Valence is moving in that direction today. A battery Valence developed for use in Segway scooters last year doubles charge life from four hours to eight. That means the gizmo can run for a full eight-hour shift, say, in a warehouse. Beyond Segways, Godevais is working with a company to develop taxis that will run solely on batteries. “Imagine what that would do for New York,” he marvels.


Stephan Godevais, 43

CEO, president, and chairman
Valence Technology Inc.
Austin, Texas

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