33_Juan Enriquez


Juan Enriquez, 45

Chairman and CEO
Biotechonomy LLC
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

After leaving his post as director of Harvard Business School’s Life Sciences Department, Juan Enriquez spent most of last year sailing around the world in search of new life with J. Craig Venter, the renowned genome scientist. The expedition is retracing Darwin’s steps, culling samples from the surface water all over the world. Off the coast of Bermuda alone, the team found 1,830 new life forms in just five samples. In that spirit, Enriquez has also launched his own venture-capital investment firm, consulting on life-sciences projects. And, as if that weren’t enough, he’s written his third book, to be released this fall, The Untied States of the Americas (Random House). “I hope to launch a debate on the future of the countries in the Americas,” he says.