19_Jeff Skeen


Jeff Skeen, 46

CEO and founder
Full90 Sports Inc.
San Diego, California

Remember when you were a dork if you wore a bike helmet? Jeff Skeen’s mission is to convince other “safe” sports they need headgear, too. Skeen got the idea while playing soccer dad. “My wife and I were standing there and watched our daughter get into a serious head-to-head collision,” he says. He made his first energy-absorbing polyethylene foam headband for her and started Full90 Sports in 2002. After winning approval from the sport’s governing bodies in 2003, his business has rocketed with pros like a Mia Hamm bicycle kick. He spent last year scoring with the general public, winning distribution in more than 500 stores; endorsements from schools, clubs, and soccer associations; and a sixfold kick in sales. Skeen now hopes to license his anticoncussion technology to other helmet makers. And to think it’s soccer moms who get all the attention.