31_Stephen DeWitt


Stephen DeWitt, 38

CEO and President
Azul Systems Inc.
Mountain View, California

The boldness of Stephen DeWitt’s swing is certainly inspiring: He has built, he claims, “the most important new development in computer systems in decades.” He has created an infrastructure that he says will “deliver the right amount of [processing] power at the right time for what people want to do.” DeWitt likens it to having a power plant to tap into rather than running on batteries. Azul spent two years in stealth development, announcing itself to the world last September as the company began its field trials with major banks, telecoms, health-care companies, and so forth. Although the technology hasn’t been proven yet, DeWitt expects to earn revenue this spring. But even DeWitt admits, “It’s one thing to build a great piece of technology, and another to build a great company.”