Obama’s Innovation Vision – What You Said


Given Obama’s picks to lead his innovation agenda, what do you think of Obama’s innovation vision?  This was the question asked in our latest innovation poll.  With the stimulus package expected to be signed this Tuesday, the results of this poll seem especially timely.

It seems that Innovating To Win readers are split between the patient and the skeptical.  Only 13.6% of you believe Obama’s early moves are the right things to help the US improve is innovation abilities.  The greatest share of you, 45.5% are willing to wait and see what transpires.  But a whopping 40.9% of you have already concluded that Obama isn’t putting us on course for a bright innovation future.

Why so little optimism?  Historically, governments don’t drive innovation.  With a few notable exceptions, governments are more apt to protect the status quo than champion change.  So, it should come as no surprise that early indications are that Obama’s innovation agenda is focused on improving the efficiency with which government delivers its programs and does little to promote the innovation capabilities of the nation.

Once again, your participation in the innovation poll has provided some interesting insight. A little skepticism can be a healthy thing.  Those who wait for Obama to solve their issues that they feel are inhibiting their ability to innovate are likely to be in for a long wait.  Those that take control of their destiny and execute to their own innovation agenda will be the winners in this economic climate.

With that in mind, our new poll probes to see how we are preparing for the tough innovation challenges by practicing our innovation skills.  You can find the poll <a href=””>here</a> in the left hand sidebar. Please remember to vote.