• 02.13.09

The Conversation is Changing; the Impact of a Hi-Tech President




Much has been written lately of President Obama’s desire to hold onto his blackberry.  A battle which resulted in him losing the “old-fashioned” device we mere mortals are stuck with and acquiring the super stealthy NSA version.  Many techies’ would risk running for public office for the opportunity to score one of those.  I’ve also read a lot about Government 2.0 as referenced on ReadWriteWeb by Mark Drapeau.

What no one seems to be talking about is the impact a hi-tech administration will have on Government and the vendor community that supports them.  For the first time, we have a White House staff that expects the use of technology to solve problems and contribute to the greater good.  President Obama won the race for the Presidency by putting together a technology savvy staff and then using current almost cutting edge technology to reach a new generation of voters.  That campaign has changed the world of politics forever.  Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Web 2.0 are all terms that prior to 2008 belonged to the youth of America.  Now they are mainstays of political and government sites everywhere.  The venerable Saturday radio addresses of President’s past are now YouTube clips for the “new” America.  Our President and his staff expect to communicate instantly and seamlessly with the American public.  They demand transparency and are planning on technology to achieve it.  Electronic Health records have been talked about for years, but now we may actually see considerable funds put behind it.  Folks, things have changed.

In the past, Government officials everywhere looked at technology as a necessary evil that would eventually fail miserably and put them all in the news.  Now in the long standing tradition of imitating a winner, politicians and therefore governments are jumping on the bandwagon and asking can technology actually solve problems and make me look good?  I’ve been travelling on a tour of 17 states , talking with CIO’s, Governor’s staff and Budget Directors.  The policy makers are catching on.  Every component of the President’s Recovery Plan is dependent on technology to help deliver it.  States and Cities are jumping on the bandwagon.

The conversation is changing.  Now is the time to become part of the dialog. 

Let me know how the new hi-tech President is changing your life!