Car Charging Stations at the Ready–In Israel

Better Place Audi

Shai Agassi’s electric car service station company, Better Place, was the subject of a page one business story in today’s New York Times. While Agassi estimates his dream of a network of such stations in the US is unlikely to be up and running until 2012, Israel is already much farther along in setting up car charging stations.

Gadi Amit, the CEO of San Francisco strategic design firm,  New Deal Design, shared some photos of the docking stations, which his company designed.  In December, Better Place Israel debuted the first electric parking lot in Tel Aviv, at the Cinema City parking lot in Pi-Glilot.  The company’s CEO, Moshe Kaplinsky, said Better Place Israel has plans to expand the network to Haifa, Kefar Sava, Holon and Jerusalem. (Israeli venture capitalists are helping to underwrite the company.)

Better Place connector2

The charge spot is designed to be small, easy to use, and to blend in with the environment.  “In designing and deploying the charge spot, our top priority is the driver’s experience,” says Tal Agassi, director of international deployment development. “We set out to design a user friendly and simple charging experience for the user that will encourage drivers to switch from the pump to the plug.”