The Most Innovative Companies in Entertainment

You have seen our Fast Company 50. But what are the companies within specific categories doing creative and ground-breaking work? Who is leading an industry into the future? Here we present the top ten firms in Entertainment.

  1. Hulu: More than 1,000 shows and movies from 120 providers. Free. Coming soon, a 12-step program for Hulu addicts.
  2. Disney: Another Pixar original with box-office appeal (Wall-E). Another $1 billion in sales for both Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Another franchise in the making in the Jonas Brothers.
  3. NPR: By moving boldly into multimedia and tapping philanthropic funding, NPR has become a cultural force.
  4. Busboy Productions: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert didn’t invent political satire. It just feels that way, after a boffo election year for Stewart’s production company.
  5. CAA: Iron Man, for which the firm represented the stars, writers, and director, told the usual story: In Hollywood, there’s CAA and there’s everybody else.
  6. Weta Digital: The Oscar-winning outfit cofounded by director Peter Jackson is known for out-of-this-world special effects.
  7. Netflix: Nimbly making the transition from DVDs in red envelopes to instant video streaming, Netflix saw subscriptions rise 20% and sales grow 13%.
  8. Participant Media: Jeff Skoll’s creation showed once again how to make top-notch movies (Standard Operating Procedure, The Visitor) while doing good.
  9. Media Rights Capital: This boutique production outfit was the brains behind Seth MacFarlane’s “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy” on Google’s ad network, the year’s boldest distribution experiment.
  10. AMC: How do you boost buzz and ad revenue for a stagnant cable channel that airs classic movies? Mad Men.



About the author

Chuck Salter is a senior editor at Fast Company and a longtime award-winning feature writer for the magazine. In addition to his print, online and video stories, he performs live reported narratives at various conferences, and he edited the Fast Company anthologies Breakthrough Leadership, Hacking Hollywood, and #Unplug


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