The Most Innovative Companies in Consumer Electronics

You have seen our Fast Company 50. But what are the companies within specific categories doing creative and ground-breaking work? Who is leading an industry into the future? Here we present the top ten firms in Consumer Electronics.

  1. Apple: With the iPhone selling briskly, Apple’s App Store has produced a burst of new mobile services, as well as an incredibly easy way to sell them. Google, RIM, and the traditional wireless carriers are rushing to catch up.
  2. Pure Digital Technologies: Its cleverly designed Flip digital-video recorders now command more than 20% of the camcorder market.
  3. Hewlett-Packard: Storming the living room with its Media-Smart connected TVs, receivers, servers, and software is just one leg of HP’s growth strategy.
  4. Nokia: The Finnish company’s cell phones dominate the world market, and big moves with the Ovi mobile portal — and other experiments in user-generated content — point to a new future.
  5. Nintendo: The Wii and DS game systems have only increased the company’s utter dominance in the past year.
  6. Vizio: It stole flat-panel and plasma market share by underpricing its competition — and was named Wal-Mart’s electronics retailer of the year.
  7. Research in Motion: Pearl, Bold, Storm — RIM’s BlackBerry isn’t just for business anymore. The company continues its march into the consumer mainstream, with its own app store, à la Apple, expected to debut this month.
  8. Samsung: The South Korean electronics giant boasts a long list of slick gizmos.
  9. LG Electronics: Another quiet giant making drool-worthy products: cell phones, Blu-ray players, TVs. Look for LG’s 3G watch phone and blur-free LCD TV to be objects of desire in 2009.
  10. ASUS: Traditionally an under-the-covers maker of computer components, its Eee PC line defines the netbook craze by packing a large screen, keyboard, Webcam, and wireless in an elegant, ultralight package.