• 02.04.09

Design for a Difference at TED

TED Fellow Tino Chow blogging about his experience at the famous TED Talks.

Tino Chow, a senior studying Industrial Design at RISD, has the good fortune of finding himself at the famous TED talks conference this week as a member of the Ted Fellowship program for young people making a difference in the world.


In addition to blogging about the experience, Tino brought something more than just his person to the convention: Tino started a blog, Tino at TED and began compiling brief video interviews of people right here in Providence, RI who are already putting great ideas to work. The projects include non-profit startups, green initiatives, community events and cultural celebrations. Tino recently spearheaded and organized A Better World by Design Conference in Providence that drew some of the top names in design and engineering to consider how design can benefit the developing world.

Tino at TED is already an excellent collection of ideas and energy.  The conference, through Tino’s eyes, is sure to spark even more ideas we can use back in Providence, or wherever design can make a difference.