Shark Fin Infuser, Possibly The Most Evil Tea-Maker Ever

Sharky is a floating tea-infuser that looks like a shark fin marauding through the dangerous waters of your tea mug that simultaneously releases streamers of steeped tea that look suspiciously like the detritus after a nasty shark attack.

It is in fact possibly the most brilliant tea-maker ever made: It’s better than the teabag auto-undangler, better than the clip-on mugside infuser, better even than the masterpiece that is the sorapot. That’s because it’s a brain-twisting blend of the refined qualities associated with tea-drinking, and the menacing “whoops, there goes my leg” blood-thirstiness of the killer of the deep. And that mix is a classic emblem of great design.

You’d barely be able to take a sip of the finished cup without John Williams’ scary theme tune running through your thoughts.

At least, Sharky is the most brilliant tea-maker ever envisaged, since it’s a concept by designer Pablo Matteoda from Argentina. It’s begging for someone to productize it. At least I, along with many habitual tea-drinking people that I know, would buy it in a heartbeat.

[via DesignBoom]KE