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The Super Bowl was great football. And some of the spots were really good. But pretty much across the board, the chance for tech to shine or cross promotion to really work failed.

Some examples from this Monday morning  quarterback:

The Jack-In-The-Box agency "didn't tell the web guys". Sure, they had a url posted directing us to But is was jammed almost immediately. It took quite a long time to get into the site and see the pretty good follow up video.

Intel had to have spent $12-15MM on their 3D spots with co-op partners Sobe (Pepsi), NBC (Chuck) and Dreamworks (Monsters vs. Aliens). Maybe they got a break from NBC due to the Chuck promo, but it was still a lot of money. If you were following Twitter, too large a percentage of people did not realize that they needed 3D glasses until about 1/2 hour before the spots aired. I figured it out on Friday but did not determine until this morning (too late) that the glasses were at Target and Best Buy. Where do you go before Super Bowl? The grocery store. Why didn't Pepsi make sure that Intel made glasses available there. Or better yet, pack them onto Pepsi packaging starting in December?

I'm sure that Intel got it's value. "You mean you can do 3D on TV?" They proved their point with technology. But Pepsi has to sell Sobe today to make this pay. And they could have done a much better job with the promotional aspects of this co-op spot.

Also, according to one Nielsen observer, only 20% of the Super Bowl ads had related search terms up the week before. What's the secret? Don't they want to get their monies' worth? 

Lastly, Kara Swisher of the WSJ is promoting today to vote for your favorite Super Bowl spot. The meaningful voting was done yesterday, on Twitter and other social nets. All could have learned from CNN's brilliant integration with Facebook for the inauguration. No reason in this day and age not to do something like this voting in real time. Given the Jack-In-The-Box experience, plenty of people were online while watching the game. 

Looking forward to the future integration of social media and event viewing on TV. The inauguration gave me a taste and I want more. And looking for technology, promotion and advertising to work more closely together in future Super Bowls and other big events. Let's use the media and social interaction fully.