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A 90-Foot Ramp, the East River, and Shaun White: Who Will Win?

Shaun White will be in New York City this week for the Red Bull Snowscrapers event on Thursday, February 5th. He and 15 of the world's best snowboarders will launch off a 90 foot ramp and compete for $100,000 in prize money on a specially built structure in East River Park (my sources at Red Bull tell me it might stay up and be open to city rippers throughout the winter!). The contest offers more than just action sports spectacle. Design junkies will dig Snow Park Technology's innovative use of shipping containers for the construction of the ramp. Punk Metal fans will get to thrash to a concert from Anthrax. And, for those of you jonesing for some time management advice, White shows how to manage a super-packed schedule and still enjoy the forest and the trees in this video.


For those not in NYC on the 5th, NBC will broadcast the event on February 15.

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